The questionnaire includes different situations, and answering them provides you with a description of your personality type. No type is better than others. That is why you get the most benefit by answering as honestly as possible. This is not an intelligence test measuring superiority. There are no right or wrong answers here.

Picture yourself in each situation and choose your aswers accordingly. Do not stay too long with one question, because the answers cannot be ranked from best to worst by a simple logical deduction. Intuitive answers yield best results, because personality expresses itself through intuition.

Evaluate one line at the time. For scoring it is very important that you choose the alternatives in order 1 – 2 – 3 – 4.

  1. First, choose the alternative that reflects you the best..
  2. Second, choose the alternative that reflects you the second best..
  3. Third, choose the alternative that reflects you less than the previous two..
  4. Finally, choose the alternative that reflects you the least..

1. In the work the most important thing is:

Productive group action
Motivation and versatile work
Rational planning of tasks
Results gained

2. Work quality:

Has to satisfy the customer
Has to correspond to the agreed norms
Has to be always high
Is important, but not always paramount

3. I am happy when:

Goals are reached
Things proceed in logical order
I get public recognition
My good results are noticed

4. I get exited about work when:

I can plan it myself
It is challenging enough
I know that I am trusted
It has a clear goal

5. Rules and instructions:

Limit creative activity
Are necessary, but sometimes slow down development
Improve cooperation and prevent conflicts
Are essential in an organization

6. When beginning a task I want:

To know whom I am working with
To know the goals and expectations
Start off quickly
Know the ways and methods of action

7. Others think that sometimes I am:

Too thorough
Too soft

8. In my work I lean on:

My own thoughts
People I can trust
Rules and effective methods
Researched information

9. From my superior I expect:

Good instructions and support
Clear instructions and use of authority
Enough information and time to do the job properly
Freedom of action

10. From others I expect:

Action according to the goals and common rules
Systematic planning and good quality
Good cooperation and mutual trust
Swift and flexible action

11. From my friends I expect:

Interesting moments of conversation
Common interests
Mutual trust
Enjoyable moments and nice things to do

12. Sometimes or often I ponder:

Things that have happened so far
My current situation
Future possibilities
Different options

13. I like:

Flexible cooperation
Creative work
Thorough work
Accurate work

14. My way of working is the following:

'Many irons in the fire'
Well planned action
Precise and accurate action
I work with consideration of others

15. I am:

Objective and precise
Friendly and patient
Logical and thorough
Fast and active

16. I want to be acknowledged because:

I get good work results
I progress skilfully in my work
I am good at what I do
I can be trusted

17. I usually dress:

Comfortably, I do not follow fashion
Trendly and fashionably
Commonly, I do not attract attention
Appropriately according to the situation

18. My desk is often:

In order
Tidy and pleasant
Maybe messy, but everything can be found

19. My appearance is often:


20. I go in for things that are:

By Karlex and Karl-Magnus Spiik - info [ä]